ActivForce 2 - Digital Dynamometer Package


ActivForce2 Digital Dynamometer System

Measurement in the palm of your hand

The ActivForce 2 is an advanced, patented digital strength and angle measurement platform that offers an innovative, portable solution that provides real-time, objectives and quantifiable data.

Helping to lower costs while increase client retention and drive better client outcomes.

 The ActiveForce platform allows clinicians to:


  • Left/Right symmetry
  • Peak force
  • Average force
  • Force range
  • Individual muscle groups and movements
  • Range of motion - AROM, PROM


  • Strength of specific muscle groups
  • Progress
  • Performance over time
  • Results in real time


  • Use of customizable muscle testing protocols
  • Summary patient reports in your email inbox


  • Designed to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Measures up to 90kgs
  • Bluetooth connectivity to ActivForce App for versions of iOS 11.4 and Android 8 or higher
  • Long-lasting battery that lasts between 6-12 months depending upon usage

ActivForce Strength Testing Guides

Click the links below for a range of suggested strength testing positions and assistance with device placement.

  • Activ Device
  • ActivForce Digital Dynamometer App (no subscription required)
  • Accessory Kit which includes carrying case, attachments & straps