Affinity Backrest Rolling Stool


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The Affinity backrest rolling stool is a gas lift stool. It is excellent value and extremely comfortable.

A high quality, practical treatment stool on wheels, offering flexibility, and ease of use for all therapists.

With so much time spent seated by many therapists, it is vitally important that the therapist is seated comfortably, and properly, to give excellent treatments, and more importantly, minimise the risk of workplace injury.

The Affinity Rolling Stool is available in biscuit, black, navy and white.

  • Cushion Diameter: 39cm
  • Foam Padding: 10cm
  • Base Diameter: 56cm
  • Height Range: 43 to 56.5cm
  • Upholstery: PVC Vinyl
  • Colour: Navy, White, Biscuit, Black


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