AllCare Flexi-Gel Reusable Cold Packs


The AllCare reusable flexi-gel cold packs are ideal for providing soothing cold therapy.

Reusable Cold Packs are perfect for the continuous treatment of an injury at home or in clinic. Use as an flexible ice pack during the early stages following injury to help minimise pain and swelling,

The AllCare Reusable Flexible Cold Packs are perfect for use by therapists where larger areas require treatment. The packs are ideal for treating a wide range of injuries and they last longer than a standard Instant cold pack.

These reusable packs are great for treating all manner of soft tissue injuries


  • Reusable cold pack
  • Non toxic biodegradable gel
  • For soothing cold therapy
  • Lasts longer than a standard ice pack
  • Ideal for continuous treatment at home
  • Pack can remain cold for up to 2 hours at room temperature
  • Reusable & Flexible

Sizes Available: 

Universal: 15cm x 30cm

0.50 KGS