AllCare Hand Grip Exerciser


The AllCare Hand Grip Exerciser develops finger, hand and forearm strength.

Use buttons alone to develop individual finger strength, flexibility and co-ordination or use entire unit to build hand & forearm strength.

Recommended by physiotherapists for regaining strength and movement after injury.


  • Each finger is challenged individually using a spring-loaded finger piston
  • Designed to improve hand, wrist, and forearm strength
  • Ideal for rehabilitation as it develops dexterity and endurance
  • Small and compact, it fits in your pocket so you can exercise anytime, anywhere
  • Padded palm cushion pad for added comfort
  • Great for rehabilitation and musicians

Available in different color-coded models of graduated resistance, AllCare Hand Grip Exerciser offers both men and women an opportunity to dramatically increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength.


Strengths: X-Light (Yellow), Light (Red), Medium (Green), Heavy (Blue)

Size: 9cm x 8cm

Made in: China


0.30 KGS