Anatomy and Injuries of the Head and Neck


A detailed chart showing normal anatomy of the head and neck as well as common injuries. Each illustration is clearly drawn and labeled.

Anatomy and Injuries of the Head and Neck illustrates the following normal anatomy:
3/4 view of the head, neck and face showing the muscles, nerves, blood supply.
Lateral view of the skeleton of the neck showing the base of the skull, and cartilage of the neck

Anatomy and Injuries of the Head and Neck
 illustrates the following common injuries:
Head injuries: Basic concussion
Coup Countra Coup Concussions
Epidural Hematoma
Subdural Hematoma
Orbital, Nasal and Mandibular Fractures: bridge of nose fracture, left zygomaticofrontal suture fracture, fracture of the orbital floor, left zygomatic arch fracture, inferior orbital fracture, fracture of mandibular symphysis, fracture if mandibular body.
Neck Injuries: hyperflexion, hyperextension, muscle injury, ligament damage, spinal cord injury, spinal stenosis


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