Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder


A detailed chart showing normal anatomy of the Shoulder as well as common injuries. Each illustration is clearly labelled and injuries are textually described.
Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder illustrates the following normal anatomy:
Anterior view showing muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves, veins and arteries
Anterior view (deep Layer) of the bones, ligaments and muscle
Posterior view, superior and lateral views of the bones of the shoulder
Detail of the right shoulder socket

Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder illustrates and describes the following common injuries:
Impingement Syndrome
Rotator Cuff Tear
Proximal Humeral Fracture
Acromioclavicular Separation
Bicipital tendonitis
Tendon instability
Bankart lesion
Dislocation of the the humerus
Hill Sachs formation


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