Resistance Bands - A Practical Guide

Resistance Bands - A Practical Guide

9th Mar 2022

Resistance bands are a convenient, popular and effective way of exercising. These bands are able to work multiple muscles in the body, and are quickly becoming an essential part of workout routines for many.

Resistance bands are essentially large elastic bands that a person can use to exercise. Typical exercises involving resistance bands include bicep curls, squats, chest presses and leg presses among many others. All muscle groups can be targeted with these bands.

These bands are able to complement other exercises, whether this be weight training, yoga or cardio work on exercise mats.

Benefits of resistance bands

Resistance bands can help to improve strength and flexibility. Both strength and flexibility are crucial qualities to have, and can help us in our everyday lives.

Resistance bands can be great for both active individuals and those with limited mobility. For anyone rehabilitating after an injury or accident, they can offer a gentle route back into full training.

For those that do have limited mobility, resistance bands offer an excellent way of training, as many exercises using these bands can be done in a sedentary position.

Who would the typical customer be?

Resistance bands are an excellent choice for a range of people:

  • For those that want to gain muscle: Resistance bands offer an excellent range of exercises that can offer standalone results, or complement gains from other exercise methods.
  • People hoping to lose weight: A 2019 study found that 38% of UK adults are trying to actively lose weight [1]. This figure is likely to have risen since then, due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Resistance bands can help to burn calories. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, resistance bands can become an easy way to assist in weight loss efforts.
  • Rehabilitation: For anyone rehabilitating from a surgery or injury, resistance bands can provide a low-intensity method of regaining fitness and strength.

Our resistance bands

Here at Physio Supplies, we offer a range of resistance bands. Our bands are high-quality, durable and offer excellent results to consumers.

Our bands come in a range of sizes, materials, colours and brands. Moreover, there are certain bands that have been specially designed for certain exercises, such as squats.

To really emphasise the convenience, some of our products even include doorattachments, which offer consumers a direct instrument to help them set their bands up anywhere.

As mentioned above, a range of lengths are offered. These range from bands typically for low-resistance exercises, all the way up to a massive 46metres! Products that offer lengths at around 23.5cm are among our most popular!

Most people are aware that the whole body needs to be involved in a workout to get optimum benefit. Therefore, we can also recommend our exercise tubes, which are perfect for a full body workout. We have a 130cm option and a 110cm option, the latter of which has a braided formation for added protection from accident or injury!

The products mentioned above are just some of many offered! You can click here to see our full range of resistance bands!

Why your customers will love them

There are few exercise methods out there as flexible as the resistance band. They are easily transported, can target multiple muscle groups and are easy to get to grips with.

Many people who are getting into exercise for the first time opt for resistance bands. This opens up a huge potential market for you to sell to. Our bands are made of excellent quality, and by selling them, your business can earn a reputation for selling high-quality goods.

For those that do not have time to go to the gym, or are reluctant to pay steep membership fees, resistance bands can offer a low-cost and convenient way to complete their exercise.

Furthermore, anyone that travels frequently will love the way that these bands can be taken from one place to the next with total ease. Unlike heavy weights, carrying resistance bands is a very simple task.

By offering bands of different strength, customers will typically return for a second purchase as they progress to heavier bands. These products offer an excellent chance of repeat purchase and brand loyalty.

If you have any questions then please contact us to request a call back!


[1]Kantar. (2019). 38% of UK adults say they are trying to lose weight . Available: Last accessed: 1st March 2022.