Cutape - Kinesiotape Cutter


Cutting kinesiotape quickly and easily is possible!

Cutape simplifies the tape cutting process, offers symmetrical results and above all, increases the time you can dedicate to your client.

  • It offers you the possibility of making one, two, three or four parallel cuts efficiently with the greatest comfort and speed possible.
  • Forget long periods of time trimming the tape, uncomfortable scissors that cause chafing and other discomfort, imperfect cuts and uneven strips.
  • Get perfect results that will reflect a more technical and professional image in your bandages.
  • Your customers will thank you and you will increase their satisfaction.
  • Cutape has been manufactured entirely in Spain and assembled by hand with all the love and dedication of our team.

Cutting neuromuscular bandage tapes is time consuming and we cannot keep our customers waiting.

Here Cutape was born, a tool focused on meeting your needs in your day-to-day work.

With a single movement you can make up to five symmetrical and clean cuts depending on the need for the bandage.

Thanks to its light briefcase, you can use it wherever you want!


  • 1x Body
  • 4x Cutting bases
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Instruction manual

Download here the user manual in Spanish and English, or learn how to use Cutape with this simple video.

Remember that you can translate the subtitles into your language automatically.

1.00 KGS