Meridius Jet Acupuncture Needles x 100


The Meridius® Jet, is a premium silicone coated acupuncture needle that is made from surgical stainless steel and are sterilised with EO gas, offering up to three years serialisation from date of manufacture.

Each box contains 100 needles packed into 100 easy to open blisters.

In every blister there is 1 needle securely held in one guide tube. Each needle has a precision-made brightly coloured plastic handle, thanks to the unique Chinese moulding technology.

The brightly coloured plastic handle offers additional safety to the practitioner and patient making it perfect for facial acupuncture when needles may be hard to see in the hair.

Meridius Jet is perfect for those who prefer a modern approach to the traditional ways of acupuncture using low cost needle.

0.15 KGS