Purifas® FaceShield™ (Face Sheets) x100


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Introducing the new standard for customer hygiene and comfort.

Purifas® FaceShield™ is the safest and most comfortable way to protect a customer during a therapy session. It has an innovative internal skirt which provides 100% coverage of the therapy bed’s face hole – the only product on the market to do so.

The combination of complete coverage and unique fabric provides an 86% reduction in bacterial transmission. It is also resistant to spit, cough particles and make-up.

Made from a hydrophobic spunbound polypropylene, the FaceShield™ provides unrivalled comfort during treatment. It is incredibly soft, quiet, remains in place throughout therapy and won’t leave marks on the client’s face. It is the economical, cleaner, more comfortable choice for your customer.

The FaceShieldTM is 100% recyclable and is manufactured from non-toxic materials in accordance with ISO 13485.

Product Specifications:

  • Created in two ply thickness for comfort and durability
  • Packaged in easy to dispense boxes of 100 units
  • Guaranteed to suit all types of therapy tables – massage, beauty therapy, naturopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractor and osteopathy
  • Produced in accordance with standards ISO13485
  • Box Dimensions: 22cm x 20cm x 23cm™


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