Purifas® FaceShield™ Wall Mount


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Purifas® FaceShield™ Wall Mount


The Wall Mount keeps your FaceShield™ box in a high, dry, and convenient place for optimum hygiene and ultimate access. 

 Once installed, add the FaceShield™ box, pull and use.

 Enjoy quick, clutter-free, and effortless dispensing of the FaceShield™, right down to the very last one.


 Product Specifications

  • Product includes wall mount, 2 screws and 2 wall plugs (FaceShield™ sold separately)
  • Made from 1mm white powder coated steel
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 24cm x 10cm
  • Easy Installation – Simply align, screw, and tighten
0.90 KGS