Skeletal System Anatomical Chart


This classic chart of The Skeletal System was illustrated by Peter Bachin in 1947 and continues to be a best sellers.

Every illustration is finely detailed and labelled.

The chart features 3 large illustrations showing the anterior, lateral and posterior views of the male skeletal system.

Eight smaller illustrations show:

  • A portion of long bone
  • Auditory ossicles
  • Ligaments of the right hand (dorsal and palmar views)
  • Ligaments of the right foot (dorsal and plantar view)
  • The right knee joint (anterior and posterior views)
  • Comparison of female pelvis to male pelvis is shown by a dotted outline.


  • 20" x 26" heavy weight paper laminated
  • ISBN 9781587790621
  • Made in USA
0.30 KGS