TalarMade Adjustaheel Heel Lift

Adjustaheel Adjustable Heel Lift

Adjustaheel is an adjustable vinyl heel lift which allows for simple height variation.

 By varying the height you are able to alleviate the symptoms caused by leg length difference.


  • Used to alleviate symptoms associated with leg length discrepancy
  • Allows for gradual height variation of heel lift
  • Moulds to the shape of the shoe
  • Comfortable adhesive backed velour cover
  • Sold as individuals
  • Total height 12mm in 1mm increments

Indications for use:

  • Leg length discrepancy
  • Achilles tendon treatment
  • Heel spurs or other conditions requiring spot pressure relief


Code Size Shoe Size
TALCHLS30 Small  1-3
TALCHLM40 Medium 4-7
TALCHLL50 Large 8-11


0.30 KGS