TalarMade Arch Pads


Arch Pads

The A30 EVA Arch Pads are ideal for increasing arch height on prefabricated foot orthoses or for changing the surface shape of an orthotic device to alter the application of corrective forces.


  • Pair of 8mm A30 EVA Arch Pads
  • Easily trimmed to fit
  • Available in three sizes
  • MicroGrip secure and adjustable fixation with microfibre top covers
  • Also available with self-adhesive backing

Sold in Pairs

Code Size Dimensions  
TALARCHMG30 Small 90x40x8mm MicroGrip
TALARCHAD30 Small 90x40x8mm Self Adhesive
TALARCHMG40 Medium 110x47x8mm MicroGrip
TALARCHAD40 Medium 110x47x8mm Self Adhesive
TALARCHMG50 Large 118x52x8mm MicroGrip
TALARCHAD50 Large 118x52x8mm Self Adhesive