TalarMade Trio Slim Fit


TRIO Slim Fit

A low profile orthotic that protects the foot with rear foot pronation control and natural fore foot contouring. Designed for ladies fashion footwear

The Problem:
Slimmer fitting shoes present a real problem for clinicians attempting to control foot posture and treat painful symptoms. It is important to recognise that many patients are unable or unwilling to compromise on this issue; due to work or social concerns. It is imperative for clinicians to be able to offer some orthotic control in these circumstances despite having to sacrifice some extent of control.

The Concept:
Even if tighter fitting fashionable shoes are worn, it is still desirable to control pronation. If the foot is left with no control, symptoms will often become more severe. The recessed medial heel post within the TRIO Slim Fit design offers this control without risking irritation of the skin within the shoe. In addition the forefoot contouring provides a stabilising effect upon the forefoot joints and reduces cramping pain. This provides an effective treatment for Metatarsalgia.

The Solution:
  • Recessed forefoot Poron® cushion
  • Anti-slip hook and loop fastner® disc
  • Recessed medial post
  • Transverse forefoot contouring

 Density: Medium

Code Size Shoe Size
TALSF20 X-Small  3-4 1/2
TALSF30 Small  5-6 1/2
TALSF40 Medium  7-8 1/2
TALSF50 Large  9-10 1/2