Trainers Choice Club Elasticated Adhesive Bandage (EAB)


We offer 'Trainers Choice EAB' and also 'Tearlite EAB' - both are ideal elastic adhesive bandage choice for everyday club use. 

Trainers Choice EAB

  • Water repellent fabric makes it the ideal candidate for sporting use
  • Easy unwind for controlled application
  • Adhesive is porous to allow the skin to breathe
  • May be applied directly to the skin
  • Full unwind to core, so there is no wastage
  • Individually wrapped to keep bandage clean and hygienic
  • 4.5 metre stretched length
  • Used along with Steroplast Underwrap

Tearlite EAB

Latex free elastic adhesive bandage that can be torn simply and easily by hand allowing for an ultra quick application

Latex free Elastic adhesive bandage that is easy to tear

 The tearlite quality allows for an ultra quick application

  • Latex free adhesive coating makes it perfect for sensitive skin
  • An EAB that tears simply and easily by hand
  • For relief and support of multiple injuries
  • Distinctive textured-linear pattern in cotton

If you are a sports physio, this is the tape you need!

0.70 KGS