A Quick Guide: Supports and Braces

A Quick Guide: Supports and Braces

14th Jul 2022

It’s hard to know what life will throw at you along the way. When we look at our bodies, in particular, it’s clear that many of us will face unwelcomed issues, from pain in the shoulders, backs, knees, elbows and more.

To ease the strain, there are numerous supports and braces available to help, from helping injuries recover to letting the area in question heal after a surgical operation. No matter the reason that has caused the complication to arise in the first place, supports and braces are vital to getting you back to some sort of normality.

Knee Support

A knee brace is used to protect the knee area after an injury or surgery has happened. It works by restricting the knee’s movements and taking weight off the joint to reduce recurring strain. Some knee support options also provide heat to the area, helping to enhance circulation and lessen how long the healing process takes. If you’re suffering from a knee injury in a cold country, say, for example, the United Kingdom, then it’s highly recommended to find an option that offers heat to the area.

If you’re in need of knee support, the 66fit Elite Stabilized Hinged Knee Support is the ideal option. It’s perfect for providing extra support and protection while being comfortable and hygienic to those wearing it. The support makes getting back to normal life easier, as you can use it for daily activities when working and even sports.

Back Support

Lower back braces are known to help provide support for injuries, surgeries and spinal conditions. They assist in many different ways. For instance, they reduce the pain in your back, help enhance posture, allow you to function better during daily activities and create the optimal environment for healing the issue.

This is achieved by the back brace being able to offer extra spinal support, reduce the weight that’s being put on the impacted area, restrict movement around the area in question and lessen micro-motions between vertebral segments.

The 66fit Elite Back Support/Brace with Stays has been ergonomically designed to offer the ultimate support when experiencing back issues. It can be adjusted with ease and includes integral metal stays, allowing for a higher amount of stability when worn. To ensure no one is left behind, this brace has been designed for individuals of all sizes, male and female.

Wrist Support

Wrist complications are common, especially for office work. This is because repetitive tasks can cause strain, leading to a painful experience. Therefore, wrist braces are specifically designed to support, protect and reduce movement. A gentle amount of compression is applied to the wrist area by the brace, which results in the wrist staying in the optimal position during this time, giving the issue a chance to heal.

Experiencing wrist issues because of an injury or post-surgery? Then the 66fit Elite Stabilized Wrist Support may be what you’re looking for. The support can fit any hand size and comes in a left-hand or right-hand option.

Other Supports

For more information regarding other support options we have available, click here. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch.