Physio Vs Massage: Which to use for back pain?

Physio Vs Massage: Which to use for back pain?

23rd Jun 2022

Physio Vs Massage: Which to use for back pain?

Back pain is a common issue that many of us experience at some point in life. In most cases, if the pain comes from your lower back, the problem originates from a muscle or ligament that has been torn or pulled.

There are a few treatments that can help deal with the problem; however, the effectiveness will differ depending on the path chosen. Take a look below as we analyse both Physiotherapy and Massages to help you determine what is the right choice.

What causes back pain?

Various ways can trigger back pain. For instance, back problems can occur due to leg pain issues, such as discomfort when weight is put on one of your legs.

Lifting heavy items incorrectly is also known to cause pain back. This includes lifting weights the wrong way at the gym or even general items around the house.

Other common ways back pain is caused are from ageing, lack of exercise, extreme weight and more. The best way to get an accurate reason why you’re experiencing the pain is by consulting a physiotherapist.

The symptoms that can arise

Alongside the general pain that you will feel in the area, there are other symptoms that you may experience. Below we’ve listed some issues that can happen, although rarely. If you are dealing with any of them it’s best to contact your doctor immediately:

  • Issues when trying to urinate
  • Genitalia or buttocks feels numb or is tingling
  • No control over your bowels
  • Noticeable loss of strength in legs
  • Pain in both legs that runs down the back of them
  • Feeling ill alongside back pain (Fever or profuse sweating that prevents you from sleeping)
  • Any swelling or redness
  • Considerable weight loss

How long does back pain last?

Lower back pain is known to usually last between a few days to 4 weeks. However, severe cases are likely to last 6 weeks or more. There’s also the possibility that the pain will come back after some time.

Why you should choose Physiotherapy

Is the pain you're experiencing severe? If so, or even if the pain is moderate, then it’s best to book an appointment with a physiotherapist. Not only will they be able to provide vital treatment to ease the pain, but they will also diagnose what’s causing it too.

Another added benefit of using a physiotherapist is their tailored approach. The exact pain you’re experiencing will be different from others, a physiotherapist knows this and will create a unique plan to tackle the problem.

Keep in mind that the majority of plans will require you to put in the work. This means doing the recommended exercises to ensure the treatment process is successful and helps prevent the problem from coming back.

Why you should choose a Sports Massage Therapist

For mild back pain that can often occur from sitting behind a desk all day and other ways, booking a massage is seen as the best option. Having a massage is also a good way to reduce tension caused by exercising regularly.

However, massages don’t solve all issues, especially ones that aren’t just to do with your soft tissue. As a result, you’ll likely experience short-term pain relief but the issue will keep coming back.

It’s a good idea to start with this type of treatment if the pain is new. However, if it’s severe, then you should see a physiotherapist. Furthermore, if the issue keeps coming back after multiple trips to a sports massage therapist then it’s ideal to explore physio options.

What qualifications do sports massage therapists have?

Training as a sports massage therapist usually consists of different skills being learned within a short period. Most of the time, this is over the course of a few weekends.

Unlike a physiotherapist or sports therapist that can identify conditions, a sports massage therapist is not qualified to do so. That’s why bigger issues that need a specific treatment are left to physiotherapists.

What qualifications do physiotherapists have?

To become a physiotherapist a high amount of education is required. For example, an industry-related degree is needed alongside specialised experience in the area of their choosing.

This combined knowledge and experience is used to accurately diagnose back pain problems to find the optimal solution, without making the issue worse.

Where to get equipment to help your recovery

No matter who you choose to go with, doing exercises to strengthen the area is recommended (unless advised not to).

Affordable and effective massage equipment can be found here to make sure you have everything needed. With same-day delivery and excellent customer service, all your attention can be focused on getting your back pain under control.

To reduce the pain you’re experiencing quickly, check out these hot and cold therapy options. Some items such as the deep heat spray can be used before and after you exercise, perfect for when completing the recommended exercises.

Concluding thoughts

Dealing with back pain doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many options available to help alleviate the problem. Getting professional help, whether it’s from a sports massage therapist or physiotherapist will be an important step to resolving your issue.

As mentioned, if the issue is causing major complications, then it’s best to book an appointment with a physiotherapist (unless you have one of the symptoms mentioned, then contact your doctor). However, if the area just feels tight then a sports massage therapist is a good idea to start with.