ICB Dual Density - Sports Orthotic


ICB Dual Density Orthotics are manufactured from 100% EVA – a material that in its pure form is easy to heat and mould, with superior resilience, allowing it to maintain its shape.  As a result, ICB Orthotics are able to be fully customised: i.e. heat moulded directly to the patient’s foot or plaster cast, and quickly modified by grinding or heating deflections to create specific shapes – allowing Practitioners to offer and create a fully customised solution, within the clinic setting.

Dual Density Orthotics - for SPORT

 ICB’s SPORTS DUAL DENSITY Orthotics are designed for active patients involved in high performance sporting activities and for general use when the patient requires more support in the heel and arch.

The ICB Sports Dual Density Orthotics are constructed from a combination of firm and medium density EVA.  Firm density EVA in the heel cup and arch provides increased stabilisation of the foot and pronation control, whilst a mid density EVA offers increased comfort in the mid and forefoot.

The medium density blue EVA under the heel  also provides an intrinsic deflection, ideal for use in heel spur sufferers.

Available in 2 styles:

•  Length

• Full Length

Patients may take a few days to gain full compliance to the support and control offered by the Dual Density Sports Orthotics.

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L and XL & XXL in the Full Length only

Description ⅔ Length Code Full Length Code UK Shoe Size Men UK Shoe Size Women
X- Small ICB0011DL ICB0021DL 3 - 4.5 3.5 - 5
Small ICB0012DL  ICB0022DL 5 - 6 5.5 - 7
Medium ICB0013DL ICB0023DL  7 - 8.5 7.5 - 9 
Large ICB0014DL ICB0024DL 9 -10.5 9.5 - 11
X-Large N/A ICB0025DL  11 - 12  11.5 - 12
XX-Large N/A ICB0026DL 13 - 14.5   12.5 - 14