ICB Heel Lift


ICB has developed a range of additions designed to enable quick and easy orthotic customisation in the clinic setting.  ICB Additions are a unique universal design making them reversible for application to both a left and right foot orthotics using the premium 3M double-sided tape supplied.

ICB Orthotic Additions are also made from EVA, making them able to be easily modified (if required) using heat and hand or bench grinders.  Each type of addition is available in multiple sizes, to accommodate the individual patient’s requirements.

Orthotic Additions: Heel Lifts - Regular

Heel Lifts can be used to aid in the treatment of a structural short leg. For a leg length discrepancy, the pronation on the long should first be treated (using ICB Orthotics), with a heel lift being added to the orthotic to lift the structural short leg.  

Adding a Heel Lift temporarily to ICB Orthotics can also relieve pain associated with Severs Disease and Achilles Tendonitis.

After heat moulding the orthotic, attach the appropriate size heel lift to the rear of the plantar surface of the orthotic, using the double sided tape to secure in position.  

Note: Always use a heel lift in conjunction with an orthotic. 

Sizes available: 

• 4mm: Sml, Med & Lge

• 6mm: Sml, Med & Lge

• 8mm: Sml, Med & Lge